Decent Work and a Supportive Environment, 7 Best Countries for Workers

Decent work for all worker

Decent Work and a Supportive Environment, 7 Best Countries for Workers

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A decent work with a high salary and a supportive environment, is the dream of all workers in this world. In working, of course, we must be balanced with what we do and what kind of environment supports our performance. A job can be said to be appropriate if  have things like flexible working hours, the rules are not less restrictive employees, have wages comparable to what is done or higher wages, benefits attract offered by the company, and others.

While the environment can be said to be supportive if it have things such as technological advances, a comfortable work environment, no toxic relationships between fellow employees, comfortable to live in, etc.

Now, what if there is a country where the country has a company that implements these things the above? And what if the country itself is also included in a clean, tidy, and healthy country so that it can be used as a country to live in for a long time?

Yep, it turns out that there are several countries that are dubbed the best countries to work in because many companies in the country provide many benefits to their employees, both for reasons of increasing productivity and community welfare to maintaining employee loyalty to their companies and the environment in the country that makes employees comfortable.

Curious what is the 7 best countries?And how much is the average salary received by the employees there each year? Let’s take a look to the article below!

What is Decent work?


Decent work is defined as productive work for women and men in conditions of freedom, equity, security and human dignity by The International Labour Organization (ILO). Where the work is considered as decent when it pays a fair income, it guarantees a secure form of employment and safe working conditions, it ensures equal opportunities and treatment for all, it includes social protection for the workers and their families, it offers prospects for personal development and encourages social integration, and workers are free to express their concerns and to organise.

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The 7 best countries for worker


Luxembourg City

Luxembourg is one of the small countries in Europe. The country is famous for its vineyards for making wine. Each village in Luxembourg has at least one vineyard to make wine products unique to each village.

Luxembourg is not only a great country to work in, it’s also an ideal place to live. Not densely populated, companies that provide high salaries and low rates of unemployment and crime are of course the characteristics of a dream country to live in and all of that is in this small country.

The drawback of this country as well as other countries in Europe is the high cost of daily living. For this reason, working in Europe means high salaries to support the high cost of living as well. The industrial sector in this country is in the form of the banking, steel, and industrial sectors. The average annual income of workers here reaches USD 60,369 or around IDR 859 million per year with an average working week of 29.19 hours.

United States of America

New York City at night

The third largest country after Russia and Canada is one of the superpowers that has the most influence on the world for its economy, culture, and politics. This country, which is also known for its various technological advances, makes this country also comfortable as a place to work for long periods of time.

It is not surprising indeed, considering that this country is quite advanced economically. The employees in USA work an average of 34.4 hours a week or 6-7 hours a day. In a country that accounts for 25% of the world’s GDP, employees are paid an average of USD 60,154 per year. If it is converted to rupiah, that value will be equivalent to IDR 851,500,000.

Areas of business industry in the United States include high-tech Innovators with high diversification, the second largest industrial output in the world (petroleum and steel), automotive, telecommunications, electronics, food products, timber, and mining.


Sky resort at Davos Kloster, Switzerland

This is the first time the country that produces the most delicious chocolate is included in the list of the best countries to live and work in. This country which is known for its beauty and cleanliness has not only managed to be the best country to work in, but also the best country to spend the most-chosen retirement. Switzerland is one of the least densely populated countries in Europe and has one of the highest salary standards in the world.

The factors that make Switzerland top this list are its high standard of living and competitive salaries. Most of the people who moved there said they were happy with the economic and political climate. In addition, people who move to Switzerland also admit that they enjoy a better standard of living than in their home country.

The fields of business industry in Switzerland include machinery, chemicals, watches, textiles, precision instruments, tourism, banking, insurance, and medicine. The average annual income of workers here is 45,264 Swiss francs. The quality of insurance provided by the company has the best number 7 quality from 195 countries with an average working hour per week of only about 30.19 hours.

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Sydney, Australia’s skyline at night

Australia has incredible natural beauty including mountains, deserts, and tropical rainforests. Australia is the only country in the world that is also designated as a continent. This kangaroo country is one of the countries that has been named the best country to live in the world.

Having cultural and racial diversity, makes Australia one of the countries with the highest levels of tolerance and hospitality in the world. The areas of business industry in Australia include mining, industrial equipment, transportation equipment, food processing, chemicals and steel with the official working hours of employees in Australia is 38 hours a week or 7-8 hours every day in 5 working days. Australia has the highest minimum wage standard in the world, at AUD 13.44 per hour.

The minimum wage does not include superannuation contributions from employers to their employees. The amount is decent, about 9.5% of the total annual salary. Then for overtime done on public holidays or weekends will be paid up to 200% of the minimum wage. No wonder why this country is also one of the countries with the highest salaries. Every year the workers pocket around USD 52,063 or equivalent to IDR 735,800,000. That amount is equivalent to  IDR 61.300.000 per month.

Uniquely, most expatriates (residents from one country who live in another country, which is usually due to state or professional duties) in Australia feel physically healthier after moving and they say that the environment in Australia is better than in their hometown. Many also praised the work-life balance in the country.


Toronto’s iconic New City Hall

Cold country at the northern tip of the American continent is one of the largest oil and wheat producers in the world. In addition, Canada also has extensive industry and plantations, making this developed country generate high foreign exchange.

Abundant foreign exchange also affects the per capita income and take home pay of the workers there. Areas of business industry in Canada include the manufacture of motor vehicles, food and beverage production, paper, metals, etc., where employees work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week with a high minimum wage. Minimum wage setting in Canada varies by region or province.

In Canada, the average salary of workers is USD 48,403 per year. While the minimum wages in the country ranges from USD 8.20 to USD 11.13 per hour. If it is calculated that a worker in Canada can bring home a salary of IDR 684,500,000 per year.


The Cologne Cathedral in Germany

Germany was a highly respected country before World War II. Even now the country is still a developed country with a low unemployment rate and high technology. In these countries employees spend 35 hours a week working or 7 hours a day for 5 working days.

The minimum wage in Germany is around USD 22,139 per year or USD40 per hour. The amount is quite high for working hours that are not too long. Meanwhile, the average salary given is USD 46,389 per year or Rp. 656,000,000. The country with GDP (Gross Domestic Product) ranks seventh with the same minimum wage as New Zealand.

Uniquely, even though the salaries of the workers there are fantastic, the profession that is highly sought after by the youth is entrepreneurship. German culture highly values ​​those who open their own businesses or farms, even if on a small scale.

Expatriates residing in Germany also say that the quality of life and political stability in Germany is better than other countries. Parents who educate their children also admit that schools in Germany are the right choice because schools there are generally better.


Barcelona night view

Compared to the countries above, Spain has the longest working hours. Office workers spend 11 hours a day. It starts at 9 am and ends at 8 pm. However, they were allotted time to eat and nap for 2 hours.

Talking about salaries, they can also collect quite a lot of money, which is around USD 37,333 or equivalent to IDR 528,000,000 million in a year. If calculated, Spanish workers earn IDR 44 million per month.

Despite working long hours, expats say they have seen an improvement in their work-life balance after moving here as they enjoy a good quality of life and improve their mental well-being with a “Relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle”.

These are the 7 best countries in terms of decent work and the environment that offered to both workers and expatriates. How bout you Comuniti friends? Are you interested to work in these countries and enjoying life there? Or are you satisfied with the environment and salary offered by your current workplace? Whatever it is, may we all always be passionate about work and everything we do can run smoothly. That’s all from this article and see you next time. Tschüss!

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