SEO Is A Big Part Of The Decent Work Agenda, Just So You Know

SEO Is A Big Part Of The Decent Work Agenda, Just So You Know

There’s a lot of hassle when it comes to the expected realization of the Decent Work Agenda. As you can speculate yourself, the Decent Work Agenda is all about putting decent work values in the workforce so the world’s industries could improve in many ways. Those ‘ways’ sound like prestigious and ‘poetic’ ways of how the industries could improve, but it’s not exactly as prestigious as it sounds. In reality, it’s actually pretty simple, as simple as the existence of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which importance grows rapidly as a significant tool for this age’s developments.

SEO has been one of the most instrumental parts of life in this day and age, its role varies from being a tool for digital promotion to attracting an audience for mass media product and news consumption, among many other ventures. It is pretty complicated to figure out the beginning parts, but once you’re familiar with the concept of SEO, you will understand the simplistic keys to itself like how do they work and how are they useful for the things that you do.

As I’ve mentioned before, the role of SEO these days mirrors how the realization of the Decent Work Agenda is taking shape in recent years. Truth is, they don’t just mirror each other, they’re actually connected.

SEO sounds like a simple technique that a lot of people are using nowadays to gain more profit or ‘consumers’, while the attempts to realize the Decent Work Agenda sounds like a program that is more focused on building the mindset and mentality of people who are involved with work stuff. Well, that’s just how it slightly looks like on the outside. In reality, SEO holds a role that gives off significant effects for the Decent Work Agenda to be realized, in the present day and in the future.

The Decent Work Agenda holds hopes for people in the workforce (who are already inside and those who are entering it) to produce good work methods, activities, and results, which then could affect many things greatly (economic growth being one of the things that constantly got affected by the workforce’s movements). On the other hand, economic growth is also affected by the existence of SEO, which opens a lot of new ‘rivers’ for cashflows and economic growth, particularly for people who are starting their businesses (Start-Ups, Independent Businesses, Small Businesses, Local Businesses, et cetera).

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Economic growth is affected by how the workforce is moving from time to time, and now with the presence of SEO, the workforce has new methods of working (focusing on using SEO to advertise things, for example) and new methods of cashflows. With companies using SEO as their technique of gaining online traffic, brand awareness, and profit, they develop new ways for cashflows and work methods to be used by people in the workforce. But that’s not the only connection that SEO has with the Decent Work Agenda.

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Both SEO and the Decent Work Agenda actually affect each other’s movement as well. Advertising is one of the activities which adapts in this day and age with the support of SEO, making SEO a strong technique to advertise online. Awareness and attempt of the Decent Work Agenda could be promoted and shared to many people online with the help of SEO. SEO could also be a mainstream work technique because the Decent Work Agenda considers it as a useful and reliable technique to actually uphold decency in works. These two feed off each other, feed off support, to be exact.

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But of course, all that depends on the choice that we humans make. Will the people in the workforce use these two together to produce better work methods, or will they use them separately? It all depends on the choice we make.

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