Precious One, Organization In Action To Achieve 100% Employment For The Disabled

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Precious One, Organization In Action To Achieve 100% Employment For The Disabled

Precious One – United Nations has stated that approximately 80-90 per cent of people with disabilities are unemployed. Even in the most developed countries, the official unemployment rate for individuals of productive age with disabilities is at least twice that of those without disabilities. Almost 33% of the disabled are living their lives in poverty. This upsetting issue has ignited a fire within Ratnawati’s heart to empower Indonesians who are incapable. With this passion, she founded the Precious One organization.

Empower Disable People Inspire Community

Precious One is an organization that centre on empowering people with disabilities so that they may realize their full potential, recognizing that each of them was created with a purpose and value. This community was founded by Ratnawati 17 years ago with the goal of reducing the number of people who are out of work due to a disability. Ratnawati believes that people with disabilities are no different than those non-disabilities. They have the potential and skills this world need yet they are lacking opportunities due to negative stigmas given by society. 

How They Helped Stand Up For Disabled Rights

Being established for almost 2 decades, this community has helped the disabled in a lot of different and inspiring ways. Precious One assist in providing opportunities for them to interact with the outside world, specialized in their skills and many more. The following are 6 programs that have been established to accommodate the given purpose:

  1. I Can Do – This program offers cutleries packaging services for restaurants and catering services. People who are experiencing down syndrome, autism, other intellectual disorder are employed to pack spoons and tissues to plastic bags. Their works are then sent to cater the needs of restaurant or food supplier.
  2. Special Day for Special Children – This same community has seen how most disabled children are treated differently in public settings. They are indirectly not permitted to be themselves for fear of being judged by society. This program provides the necessary platform for children to express their emotions and play games that they are usually disfavoured for. Since its inception in 2011, this event has been held in different cities of Indonesia with over 5 000 participants.
  3. Everyone Can Be Superhero – Individuals who are deaf and mute are reinforced in producing personalized superhero plush for child cancer patients. Aside from making the disabled feel wholesome for themselves, this program could motivate the children and reward them for their positivity, determination and bravery.
  4. Disability Buddy – People with disabilities are frequently seen and treated unequally. Disability Buddy assist in providing educative workshops at schools and work offices. Through this program, they hope to break the stigmas of disabilities.
  5. Digital Learning – The pandemic has transformed human’s way of learning. Precious One has collaborated with Gnowbe, a digital learning platform and Creadu, creative learning media company in making a learning program called I’m a Buddy. Through this program, they let audiences get a closer look to the lives of the disabled.
  6. IBAN (Indonesia Brand Activist Network) – Indonesia Brand Activist Network is an independent network that supports local brand. They offer mentoring activities and open access to markets for small business through curation process. Precious One is one of the curators that supplies products made by the disabled. For instance, Batik fashion wears, tote bags and more.

With such a small passion in Ratnawati’s conscience, she can make such a difference and life-changing experience for those who are disabled. Donate and contribute to Precious One’s programs through their website. Let’s help raise the disabled rights!

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