Pre-Employment Card as Government’s Leap of Faith Towards SDG8

Pre-employment card Indonesia

Pre-Employment Card as Government’s Leap of Faith Towards SDG8

The pandemic of COVID-19 has taken humankind in terror. Various fields from the food and beverage sector to the tourism industry face short and long-term damage as a result of this unfortunate issue. Out of all industries, the economic sector has withdrawn the most attention, remembering how important it is for the sustainability of life. Recession is occurring everywhere globally, and governments are being urged to develop measures of resolving the current crisis. The higher-ups in Indonesia have taken action by establishing pre-employment cards for those put at a disadvantage during the pandemic. To gain a better understanding, let’s go through the details of the program.

What are Pre-Employment Cards?

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Pre-employment Cards, also known as Kartu Prakerja is a work competency and entrepreneurship program held by the governments in the form of financial assistance. According to Indonesia’s Ministry of Manpower, this program aims to accomplish these three objectives below:

  1. Enhance the competency of applicants
  2. Boost workforce productivity and competitiveness
  3. Foster entrepreneurship

The program lasts for about 4 months followed by the incentives of Rp 3.550.000. With the help of this series of measures, the government hopes that Indonesia’s economy will escalate to a better level by enforcing the workforce with further education, especially in this pandemic.

Why was this program established?

coronavirus as the reasoning behind the establishment of pre-employment cards

Referring to the passages before, the reasoning behind the establishment of this program lies within the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on workers in Indonesia. It was implicated that around 1.2 million workers are either being laid off from their job or working from home after coronavirus hit Indonesia.

This alarming number is starting to become a hindrance to Indonesia’s state of economy. It implies that actions should be taken to stop it from rising further. On the other hand, the government also observe how the citizens are in need of daily necessities. Yet, with the massive layoffs happening, it is almost impossible for them to do so. Therefore, governments suggest that this pre-employment card program is the right solution to these problems.

Who is eligible?

eligible candidates of pre-employment cards

With the limited number of applicants, the governments wanted to make sure that the social aid reached out to the desired audience. Therefore, there are a few qualifications to check if you would like to apply to this pre-employment program (Prakerja) :

  1. You must be an Indonesian citizen.
  2. You must be 18 years and over.
  3. You are not enrolling in any formal education.
  4. You are either a laid-off worker, volunteers or micro-business entrepreneur.
  5. You are not state officials or member of the Indonesian National Police.
  6. Your family members do not exceed the pre-employment program limit. (Two Single Indentity Number for each Family Registers)
  7. You do not take other forms of social aid during COVID-19.

Where and How can you apply for Pre-Employment Cards?

It is not a long road to go if you are willing to take the step in attaining this pre-employment card. First, go to the Prakerja website. On the home page, you can find the details of this program to check your eligibility and the activities that you will be doing. Next, click register now and you will be redirected to a form page. Fill in the form properly with your data and click send. Wait for the verification process. Lastly, be notified of your admission status through your registered email inbox.

For more detailed explanation, check out: 5 Steps to Get Pre-Employment Card.

When can you apply for Pre-Employment Card?

The pre-employment card program work in groups. There is a specific number of groups available for entry for each year, the latest entry was on the 5th of June. To find out when will the application opens again, you may want to take a look at the updates via’s social media for instance their Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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