Local Brand Hopes to Set A “Back To Earth” Trend In Fashion Industry 2.0

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Local Brand Hopes to Set A “Back To Earth” Trend In Fashion Industry 2.0

The era of fashion industry 2.0 is here. Fashion labels all over the world from local brands to well-known ones have gradually shifted to manufacturing sustainable fashion wears. Sources indicate that the fashion industry itself is responsible for one-fifth of the world’s water pollution and will be reaching its place as one of the largest contributors to carbon footprint by 2050. That being said, now, more people and businesses are realizing that smarter fashion decisions must be made today to prevent the world from deteriorating further.

Local brand, Reramban's fashion line

One of the labels that have made its statement in Indonesia is Reramban, a local business selling one piece one design made by eco-botanical printing. Reramban is a high-end fashion label that offers a variety of artisanal eco print cloths. Their product line ranges from ready-to-wear garments, cut fabrics, and various other product diversifications. Ever since its launch in 2017, Reramban has attracted customers worldwide and became an inspiration to the businesses around them to set their foot back to earth and came into realization that this non-sustainable production will not do the world any better.

How The Local Brand Started

Reramban's fashion line

This revolutionary business was founded 4 years ago by a remarkable mother-daughter team. Evi Kurnia, the mother, is a textile artist who has worked in the fields of sewing, painting, knitting, and more for as long as she has remembered. Her love for arts and craft has inspired her daughter, Mutiara Arsya or Ara to follow in her footsteps. “Before anything, I enjoy wearing the clothes fashioned from my mother’s hand-sewn fabric. I wore it daily, and I noticed that the items I wear always catch the attention of others around me. This struck me as a fantastic opportunity. Since then, I’ve designed and sold the fabrics that my mother manufactured,” reckoned Ara.

Initially, their partnership aims to preserve the cultural heritage of Indonesia, batik. However, they soon learned that batik production generated a large amount of fabric waste, necessitating a complicated measure of a waste treatment cycle. This drives them to utilize more environmentally friendly fabric art, namely eco print. Both Evi and Ara hope that producing more sustainable clothing will serve as a medium for them to:

  • Increase the value of handmade fabrics and diversify the resulting products.
  • Improving the standard of living of the people in the company’s environment.
  • Contribute to the preservation of the earth, by using natural materials wisely, and replanting rare plants that are used as raw materials.

Eco Print and How Reramban Helps The Environment

Reramban's fashion line

Reramban, with its mission of promoting a greener and healthier lifestyle, has blazed a new trail in the industry by integrating high-quality technology and natural preservation. They were able to accomplish so thanks to the eco print technique. Eco print is a method of fashion manufacturing in which plant materials are steamed or pressed into cloth to release their colour pigment. This results in a unique and distinct leaf print on fabrics that is eyecatching and fashionable.

By adopting this latest technology into their production cycle, they are able to reduce their consumption of ink and maximize their use of plants as their production material. They collect plant resources from their own yard and the surrounding area. As a result, it is reasonable to conclude that the materials used are environmentally benign and is leading society one step closer to Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.

Taking It To A Whole New Level

Local brand, Reramban's fashion line

With the business growing faster than ever in the midst of the pandemic, Reramban has planned to take it further so that more may be aware of the importance of keeping the earth clean and sustainable for life. They have attracted overseas partners and are on the way to expand internationally, advocating sustainable lifestyle out to a bigger audience. This significant step is more than just a stepping stone in the field of eco print. It is also a fast past for Reramban to empower local workers and improve Indonesia’s economy.

To help Reramban reach their goals, check their inspiring business and purchase their products through these platforms: Instagram and Shopee.

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