” Poverty is the worst form of violence “

– Mahatma Gandhi –

Poverty still becomes a major problem that really hard to is solved. Even after a decade, hundred years, or century. It looks like after the change of the president, governor, or mayor, poverty still exists. It is obviously not a good sign for every region or maybe countries. Some people said that it makes them harder to pursue everything they want. But is it true that poverty kills our dreams?.

Do you ever think, what is the meaning of wealth? or what kind of condition that it can be called wealth?. Is it when we have tons of money? or a very big house? or maybe have a Lamborghini or Mercedes Benz?. You decide.

Then how about poverty?. What is the meaning of that for you?. Is it when we don’t have money even just a pennies in our wallet?, or not having a big house?, or maybe when we cannot buy anything we want?. You decide it again.

There’s a lot of reasons why poverty is still exists. We will not going to say what kind of condition that can be called rich or poor one. Because you can decide it for yourself. The thing that we are going to discuss it further now, is about dreams.

Everybody has their own dreams. Some of them are the same, some of them are different. But sometimes, have you ever been in a situation that your dreams need money?. We cannot deny a fact that one of the requirements to get what we want, besides time, process, support, or an effort, is money. Not always, but sometimes is a must. To buy or to pay anything.

For example, if we have a dream to buy a new luxury car, of course, it needs money. Or when we want to travel around the world, it needs money again. That’s why some people are working really hard to get a lot of money to get what they want. We cannot think to steal, of course, it’s criminal. But we also cannot change the fact that sometimes it becomes the reason why the number of crimes is increasing. We want to get an extra result with a little effort, or a shortcut. It’s not wrong, it’s human nature. But it’s not right either when we choose the wrong way to get it. That’s the bad effect that poverty cause.

Now, another bad fact is our children’s dreams. How about them?. Poverty is usually a vulnerable thing that prevents our children’s dreams come true. Because education is transformative. Besides helping them to get a better life, it will develop children’s characters to be good people. Like we’re already talking before, it’s the same with education. To pursue it, we need time, process, effort, and money.

So, that’s the fact that it kind of feel sad actually. Maybe at some point, poverty really kill our dreams. But, are we just going to give up with this? or is that any solution for this problem?.

Eldridge Cleaver, an American writer, once said that ” You’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem “.

So we can decide it, either we want to focus on the solution, or just grumbling with the problem over and over?. Once again, you decide.

Poverty is not something that cannot be resolved. We know it’s hard and maybe need a century. But, that’s for a country. For yourself, maybe it just needs one second. Seriously?.

Yes!, it’s just one second.

One second to answer the question on this article title.

There’s only one person who can answer this question: You

If it’s not, you can continue your efforts and prayers to reach your goals and to believe that the big wall of poverty cannot stop you from what you believe. But if it’s yes, maybe you can try to believe in yourself more, because nothing impossible.

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