Energy-Efficient House: 5 Brilliant House Features You Must Install To Promote Sustainability

Energy-efficient House

Energy-Efficient House: 5 Brilliant House Features You Must Install To Promote Sustainability

Have you ever heard of energy-efficient house? An energy-efficient house is a house that is design to use its energy efficiently. This is done by installing house features that are made eco-friendly and promotes sustainability. There were unclear resources of when it was first initiated yet some experts concluded that this movement and ideas are composed in the 1950s. The reasoning behind this lies in the fact that people started becoming aware of the damage that they have done to the environment. Global warming, lack of clean water and problems has became an issue of the world and the need to take a step are urging.

Well, if you are the one to care about saving the environment and is willing to make the world a better place by upgrading your home, this is the right place for you!

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Advantages of Owning an Energy-Efficient House?

Energy-efficient house
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You might wonder of how can investing in an energy-efficient house may be beneficial for you. Below are a quick overview of the many benefits coming for you and the world in general if you implement these upgrades to your home:

  1. Cost-effective: An energy-efficient house lowers down excessive water and heater cost, driving down the electrical and water bills.
  2. Responsible to the environment: It shrinks down the amount of carbon footprint your house emitted.
  3. Healthy living environment: You will have more control of indoor air and moisture quality.
  4. Comfortable living environment: Temperature and humidity in your house can regulate on its better and independently.
  5. Increase property value: Exclusive and healthy home features will look good to buyers as they can enjoy the distinct facilities when they decide to purchase.
  6. Creating jobs: According to Natural Resources Defense Council, more than 2.2 million of the United States citizens work in the energy efficiency or clean energy production industry.
  7. and the list goes on.

Imagine how much good you can make with just installing energy-efficient house features. You can support the environment, world finance and your living standard all-together with just a single decision.

House Features that Supports Sustainability

There are thousands of house instalments that architecture and product development teams have made all around the world that may help you in achieving an energy-efficient home. The following are 5 brilliant house features you must install to promote sustainability:

1. Solar Panels

Source; REenergizeCo

At the top of the list is the infamous solar panels. Solar panels work by absorbing the sunlight and converting them into electricity or heat. With utilizing solar panels, your house’s source of energy is no longer fossil fuel that is getting scarce but is the ever-present sunlight.

2. Smart Thermostat

Source: PCMag

Technology has allowed us to do greater things. One of the most brilliant invention is the smart thermostat. It allows you to regulate temperatures using gadgets and devices. You can program and monitor the settings based on the current weather condition and temperature. Not only that, you can as well synch it with your daily schedules.

3. Energy STAR Appliances

Source: Partstown

Subsequently is the Energy STAR Appliances. Energy STAR is the certification given to products or household appliances that uses 10-50% lower energy each year than the usual ones. The certificate started as a program in the United States in 1992 and it carried on as a certification given to business and industries that supports energy-efficiency.

4. Triple Glazed Window

Among those who are professional in the industry, triple glazed windows are famous for its noise reduction and temperature control. Triple glazed windows are a window that contains three panes of glass. It is studied that it may reduce heat lost and retain it, lowering the bill for heat regulation needs. It also have the ability to regulate the humidity inside your house if installed.

5. LED and CFL Lightbulbs

In addition to the products before is the LED and CFL lightbulbs. Although numerous households have purchased and put these into used, many are still uninformed about this products. With using LED and CFL lightbulbs, the energy exerted on heat is minimal. Therefore, you can save energy.

What do you think about these products above? Are you ready to move into an environmentally friendly lifestyle? If you are, quick, purchase these energy-efficient appliances and install it at your own home.


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