2 Brave Brothers Unfold Indonesia’s Corruption Issues Through Youtube

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2 Brave Brothers Unfold Indonesia’s Corruption Issues Through Youtube

Two brave brothers, Andovi Da Lopez and Jovial Da Lopez have dismissed their Youtube channel after achieving notoriety in the content creator industry for exactly 10 years. A year ago, after deciding that they’ll flip new pages, the duo set out to develop a revolutionary farewell project before their departure. Their project consists of videos in which they showcase and advocate their voices for their country, Indonesia. Thanks to thorough planning and execution, these two brothers managed to captivate the audience in wonder, leaving such a legacy behind them.

SkinnyIndonesian24, Light Pillar of Generation

SkinnyIndonesian24 is a YouTube channel founded by Andovi Da Lopez, also known as Dovi, on June 24, 2011. A few videos later, Jovial Da Lopez, also known as Jovi, joined the crew, and they have been expanding their channel together ever since. SkinnyIndonesian24 has blasted the millennials in Indonesia with enlightening and entertaining clips ranging from academic information to challenges. Not to mention their governmental election rap battle video, which went viral with 5.6 million views on YouTube, prompting their audience to critically consider their president of choice.

DPR Musikal, Revealing What’s Within The Governance System

DPR Musikal is SkinnyIndonesian24’s online musical performance that portrays Indonesia’s flawed political system. The main actress, Dwynna Win played Mawar, a young and astute new member of The People’s Representative Council. She holds laws in high regard and aspires to make Indonesia a better place. However, as she met her seniors and boss, she quickly understood that what she had been dreaming of was not as simple as it appeared. The 36-minute video depicts Mawar’s struggle to remain true to her beliefs and how she plans to objectify her dreams while working for the government.

Reaching over 6.6 million views, the team’s hard work behind their performance was paid off. From their songs, choreography and dance performances were self-produced by a number of teams. The director of the drama was no other than, Jovial, who dedicated blood, sweat and tears to create this mind-blowing masterpiece. Composing such a fantastic project was not an easy task, especially during the pandemic, but they succeeded admirably.

DPR Musikal has left a so-called heartfelt closing note “Mawar is just a fictional character. But she can come to life if you have the courage to be her.” This statement has left a warm imprint on the heart of the audience, inspiring them to be the changemakers brave enough to dive into the world of higher-ups for a better Indonesia.

The Underlying Inspiration

When requested to discuss the story behind all of their nationality videos, they immediately return the credit to their mother, Hendra Henny Andries. The brave brothers’ mother is a diplomat who is well-known in the government for her honesty. Before Andovi and Jovial closed down the Youtube Channel, they released a video that sketches their childhood home. There, the brothers talk with their mother and told the audience how their mother strives to raise them both into becoming who they are today.

With their bravery in stepping out on corruption issues in Indonesia, they have made such an influence on the generation that they are living in. This demonstrates how young voices can impact a country’s political system. As they have planned to part ways, Jovial intends to continue as a politician like Mawar in the future. Andovi, on the other hand, is adamant about sharing scholarship programs for his country’s economically weak students. The two now have left a legacy and the fire they ignite should not stop there but must continue on and on from generation to generation.

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