5 Reasons to Upgrade to Solar-Powered Energy

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5 Reasons to Upgrade to Solar-Powered Energy

Energy is the most important thing in life to support our daily activities. Energy comes in many forms, depends on how it is made. There are several energy sources that the government use, renewable and non-renewable. Sunlight can be used as one of energy sources, called solar-powered energy. There are many advantages using solar-powered energy. In today’s topic, we are going to talk about solar-powered energy and 5 reasons why solar-powered energy is a future investment.

There are several energy sources that the government use, renewable and non-renewable. Up until 2018, according to iea.org , the highest contributors for our energy are obtained from coal and fossil fuels like natural gas. Meanwhile the renewable energy like wind and solar are still below the two resources mentioned.

As the largest archipelago, consisting more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia made a significant progress in providing electricity throughout the country within the decade. Even though the renewable energy sources are not considered as the number-one contributor in electricity, in 2020 alone, the total renewable energy that was obtained from solar energy was approximately 10.5 thousand megawatts. That number has increased since 2011 with total energy of 7.1 megawatts.

What about the future agenda, considering this solar-powered energy?

Fossil fuel vs renewable energy source diagram
Image Credit : William Potter

In 2020, a whopping number of 87 per cent of the electricity consumption in Indonesia came from Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) or the state electricity company. The concerning part is, PLN generated electricity mostly using fossil fuel –coal and oils. However, Indonesia has set a target number that by 2025, the percentage of renewable energy use is up to 23 percent. Furthermore, by 2050, hopefully the number reaches at least 31 percent.

So, the ongoing process is to reduce the use of fossil fuels as the source to generate electricity, and move to other alternatives like solar panel.

Why does solar energy is considered as renewable resource? Well, energy that is obtained from renewable resource means that it will not run out in short amount of time. While energy resource like fossil fuel is getting less and less as the time goes on, the solar-powered energy can be used long term, since the sun has been a consistent energy source for billions of years.

Here are 5 reasons why solar-powered energy is an investment for future use:

  1. More affordable alternative

Even though the initial cost for solar panel installation is quite up there (at least for now), the longer you use solar panel system as energy source, it can result in financial advantages. In short, you can save more when you are using solar panel system in your household. Since a certain amount of your energy needs are covered by solar panel, your electricity bills are reduced. Hence, long term use of solar panel system is financially beneficial.

However, keep in mind that every panel that is being installed covers a different amount of energy. That is why how much you save on electricity bills depends on the solar system panel you are using. The more energy coverage by solar panel, the more you save.

2. Low maintenance cost

Generally, solar panel systems do not require a lot of maintenance. Solar panels are fairly durable and can put up with various weather conditions. The only thing you need to do is making sure that the panel and the cables are installed properly and also clean so it does not disturb the energy conversion process.

Mostly, solar system panels can last up until 20 to 25 years. The only part that is need to be replaced after 5-10 years of use is the inverter because it is running continuously in converting energy from solar energy into electricity and heat.

3. Geographically beneficial

solar resource map of Indonesia
Source: Solargis

We already know that Indonesia is located on the equatorial line with constant solar energy throughout the year. According to Indonesia Energy Outlook 2019, the solar energy potential of Indonesia is up to 208 gigawatts. A bit of comparison of how much that energy is, the installed solar capacity in Indonesia is currently at 24 megawatts. Based on that data, Indonesia has eight times more potential on solar energy compared to the currently installed solar capacity.

Man, imagine how much we can save if all the potential solar energy is utilized!

4. Environmentally friendly

The sun acts as an energy source without leaving dangerous emissions to the environment. As stated before, Indonesia uses coal and fossil fuel as its main sources of energy. We know that by using coal and fossil fuel left carbon emissions (can be in the form of gases) that can be dangerous for the environment. While some carbon footprint is generated from producing and distributing the solar panel system, the conversion of energy from the solar energy into electricity and heat is a clean process, it creates no pollutants and does not emit any dangerous gases.

5. Support from the government

solar-powered energy in Indonesia
Solar Power Plant in Kupang, NTT
Source: Media Indonesia

By signing the Paris agreement in 2015, Indonesia is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions up until 29 per cent by 2030. In order to realize that goal, the use of renewable energy sources is really supported. This government policy will assist in providing raw materials and/or financial incentive.

Eastern Indonesia has the highest potential for solar-powered energy because the solar radiation in those regions is generally higher than the other parts of Indonesia. As for right now, the largest solar power plant in Indonesia is located in Kupang, Nusa Tenggara Timur.

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