3 Lessons that Work From Home Taught Us in This Pandemic

3 Lessons that Work From Home Taught Us in This Pandemic

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It is already more than a year since the pandemic has been declared. COVID – 19 has totally changed our lives in every part of it. Including our job. Then we have to do this one particular thing: Work From Home.

Working at home will definitely give us new experiences. From doing everything online until make sure that the internet connection is strong enough to prevent any distraction while working, are already become our habit.

But not only the good things that we got, sometimes Work From Home still becomes an annoying thing for some people. They said it’s boring, far from friends, even makes us feel so lazy because of the comfy condition at home. 

So yeah, there are pros and cons about this thing. But don’t worry, because Cominiti.org will show you the reasons why we have to at least feel grateful and look at the positive things of the Work From Home situation. 

1. Experiencing New Things

Working from home maybe become something new for some professions that usually doing Work from the office. But it’s not always a bad idea. Since trying something new is always fun and challenging at the same time!.

To get deal with laziness and boring issues, then it’s up to us, about how to get rid of it. Because everybody has their own ways. 

2. Get more Understand about Technological Literacy

Zoom meeting, Google meet, Slack, Workplace, E-mail, etc. Those are things that we are already known very well. Even every day some of us using it since the pandemic become well-known.

Now the question is, do you already get used to this kind of apps?. If yes, it’s good. But if not, this is also good. Then it will improve your Technological Literacy. 

Maybe at the first time, it takes time for us to get used to it. But after time goes by, it’s like playing a very famous online game every day. Feel so good after you know how to use it.

3. The Importance of Communication

Good communication will always be needed everywhere we are. That’s the only way to knows what people mean and what we want to say. Also to prevent any kind of miscommunication. 

Especially when we have to do Work From Home. The only intermediary to communicate with our working partners just only by online. Using any kind of apps. 

It will be very different than we say it directly. Miscommunication is very vulnerable to happen. 

So, good communication is a thing that we have to maintain. Even speaking directly can cause misunderstanding, how about talking through chat?.

Pandemic is something that we can’t deny it. It’s happened for real and maybe just stay at home is not a bad idea. Including doing Work From Home. 

Maybe we have to start to think that besides the three points which already mentioned before, the other positive values are: We can be closer with our family. Something that sometimes it’s very hard to get when we are too busy at the office.

The last one, have you ever think to be more grateful for the situation?. There are a lot of people who lost their job because of the pandemic. Although we have to do all of the works just at home, don’t ever be complaining. 

It kind of blessings that sometimes we don’t notice. 

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