Indonesia’s Education System, Experts Discover We are Lagging 128 Years Behind

Indonesia's Education System

Indonesia’s Education System, Experts Discover We are Lagging 128 Years Behind

For decades, Indonesia’s education system has been criticized for its flaws. Curriculums are changing rapidly and students are failing to stay up. This issue has risen to the eyes of educational experts and scholars as researches have shown that Indonesia is lagging 128 years behind in education. A statistic as well indicates that Indonesian college graduates have the same ability level as Danish dropouts. This worrying data has proven enough that something needs to be altered in the educational system.

What is Wrong with Our Education System?

From where do we start? Numerous concerns must be addressed to improve Indonesia’s education system. Below are the 3 basic issues that need care as soon as possible:

1. Unqualified Teachers

In 2020, the result of the Teacher’s Competency Assessment (TCA) reaches as low as 53,02. Whereas the government’s target is at 55. The number has clearly demonstrated how the majority of educators allocated in Indonesia are not qualified or capable of teaching pupils. This should lead to a question of how can the quality of education improves if teachers are not equipped with what they should have as a mentor of students.

2. Inadequate Learning Materials

Students should obtain textbooks or practice question sheets to increase the quality of their learning. The lack of a library or free study tools might also stymie learning. More assistance in the form of learning materials should be provided to underprivileged communities. Not only that, but teachers also require teaching materials that are of high quality and adhere to the most recent curriculum. It is explicit that if instructors use obsolete teaching materials, educational activities will be less than optimal. This will have an impact on the students’ ability to assimilate knowledge.

3. High Cost of Education

High Cost of Education
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According to Indonesia’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, only 20% of the state budget is dedicated to Education. With that amount of money, the government has attempted to build Indonesia’s education system by providing public schools. Yet, there are still a high number of children who could not attend proper education due to financial restrictions. Most of the time, their guardian’s income is not sufficient to meet the student’s educational needs such as uniforms, stationery and more. This leads to a high number of dropouts.

Youths To The Rescue!

Faced with a difficult circumstance, Indonesia’s younger generation has risen to fix the problems above. As of 2021, hundreds of educational platforms and organizations are established to assist students and teachers engage in academic activities. Fortunately, they have been able to improve educational quality by leveraging cutting-edge technology and empowering well-trained personnel in their educational organizations. The following listed are examples of their works coming to life, helping those who are in need:

1. Beasiswa Educator, Scholarship Programme

On March 2021, CV. Edukasi Tutor Indonesia and the Society of Renewable Energy has made a prodigious collaboration entitled Beasiswa Educator or Educator Scholarship. They held a scholarship program open to students from throughout Indonesia who are unable to finance their university tuition expenses. The two organizations hope that by implementing this initiative, education in Indonesia would flourish and renewable energy will once again be on the climb. Information regarding the scholarship can be found on Beasiswa Educator’s Instagram page.

2. Ruang Guru, Learning Platform

Ruang Guru, Education Platform
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Ruang Guru is a startup company that works in the field of education. Founded by Adamas Belva Syah Devara in 2014, the company aims to provide and expand access to quality education through technology for all students, anytime and anywhere. It offers a range of affordable services that can help student’s learning process including subscription learning videos, online exam platforms and more. All their resources are accessible via their website and application.

3. SejutaCita, Educational Organization

SejutaCita, Educational Organization
Photo by SejutaCita

For college students, SejutaCita is a dream educational application. Adhika Sudarman, CEO and Founder of SejutaCita, founded the organization on the belief that everyone has the right to quality knowledge and, as a result, opportunity. The company assist in amplifying event information to young Indonesian students. Whether it be competitions or symposiums, the software assists organizers in promoting inspiring events and accepting participant registrations. Students, on the other hand, will as well be able to learn from educational events and gain experience for their future employment prospects.

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