The Rise of Child Abuse Cases During Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

Child Abuse During Pandemic in Indonesia

The Rise of Child Abuse Cases During Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

Child abuse is when parents or caregivers or grown-ups, whether through action or failing to act, do physical, sexual, and psychological abuse or neglect of a child or children that causes damage, death, emotional hurt, or risk of serious hurt to a child. It would happen in homes, organizations, schools, or communities.

Cases of violence against children remain high during the pandemic, when they proceed to be near to their families. Based on it record, there were 2,726 cases of child abuse  from March 2020 to July 2021 and more than half of them were cases of sexual crimes. The issue of violence received by children was moreover uncovered by the Minister of Education and Culture, Research and Technology (Mendikbud Ristek) Nadiem Makarim. He said, in expansion to learning misfortune and psychological pressure, children have the potential to receive household violence during the pandemic.

Are Cases of Child Abuse Decreasing During Pandemic?

Child abuse ruined children mental health

This pandemic could be a very difficult time for everybody, in all aspects problems emerge such as health, economy, development, poverty, starvation, job loss, and violence against children is no exception. Challenges during this pandemic are moreover experienced by all ages, they must have problems at this time. Of course, child abuse will have an adverse impact on children, even a few individuals who experience violence as a child can have an impact until they are teenagers or adults.

Some time recently the pandemic hit, the number of violations against children had actually increased from 2018 to 2019. In 2020 to 2021, the number of violence against children was even higher. The number of 2,726 cases was from March 2020 to June 2021. This is exceptionally pitiful, child abuse happens when children are actually closer to their families during the pandemic. In truth, if parents really respect children who also have rights, at that point the presence of a pandemic or not acts of violence against children will not occur.

In addition, Save the Children’s worldwide survey in 2020 in 46 nations including Indonesia clearly appears the covered up impact of the pandemic experienced straightforwardly by children. Most casualties of violence are afraid to report because of the lack of information to complain. Children who experience violence are usually introverted and bad tempered.

Not infrequently will have a inconsiderate personality. Activities in schools will usually decrease or child abuse will initially decrease during the beginning period of the pandemic. The feeling of stress that has been supported from an early age will afterward gotten to be a breakthrough for them as an grown-up. Children who experience violence as grown-ups will have a more noteworthy risk of suffering from heart illness, hypertension, and digestive disorders.

Things that influence the occurrence of child abuse during this pandemic incorporate activities that are centered at domestic. At times like that, the impacts of the pandemic, one of which is the loss of work, makes the stress level within the family increment. In some cases parents unconsciously commit such viciousness. The readiness of parents to be one of the causes. Then there are also several cases that emerge, for example, mothers who do not have the ability to go with their children and after that gotten to be emotional. It’s not even just standard physical violence, there are deaths as well.

A child could be a recorder imitating his surroundings. When a child is raised with inspiration, tolerance, and acknowledgment, he or she will develop to be a confident and respectful person. The child phase is the play phase. During the pandemic, parents can invite their children to play within the playground whereas still paying attention to health protocols.

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A girl affected by child abuse in Indonesia

In Indonesia itself. The viciousness rate of child abuse is related to the child’s right to assurance. That each child in Indonesia has the proper to protection and violence against children is not justified. Alluding to, the Minister of the Ministry of Women and Child Protection (KemenPPPA) I Gusti Ayu Bintang Darmawati reminded all parties of the importance of fulfilling children’s rights. One of the rights of children that he mentioned is the assurance of children. “These rights must be ensured by all parties around you, beginning from parents, community institutions, the business world, media, government, and the state,” said Darmawati, through the PPPA Ministry’s YouTube.

According to, Nahar (Deputy for Special Protection for Children KemenPPPA) said that his party proceeds to increase efforts to anticipate child abuse. He explained that KemenPPA made improvements to regulations that the community felt needed. At that point, information collection proceeds to be carried out to prevent things that are not desirable after many parents died due to Covid-19.

All of that, said Nahar, was carried out at the same time with the socialization of child assurance programs, beginning from children’s rights, what can be done to protect children. It is done to parents, children, additionally the common public. “Families are moreover given an understanding of how to ensure children, raise children, get ready for child growth and development, and guarantee that the correct to life and security can be carried out as well as possible,” clarified Nahar.

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