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Are any of you still asking about "am I safe now?", "what if some people hurt me?". This question should be inappropriate to say, times have changed and we are now in an independent country. But many of us still worry about his safety. Can...

Japan is known as a country with a society that obeys the rules. In many countries, rules exist to be broken. One trivial thing like crossing the street, we all know that we have to wait until the green light to cross the road. However,...

Coffee is the best drink when we are working from home. Many workers cannot escape from coffee because they feel that working at home feels longer and harder. According to a survey from the World Economic Forum written on that some people feel that...

Our life that depends on petroleum makes it scarce. Let's reflect on how often we use motorized vehicles and cars, or how often we see trucks passing by on the road? The answer to this question illustrates how much we contribute to making petroleum scarce....