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With the development of smart city, we were hoping to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable, following the eleventh goal of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Sustainable Cities and Communities. In this article, we will highlight the development of smart city in...

Chinese economy is the biggest in the world, they were the economic giant that dominate the world’s cash flow. Face it, everything is made in China, from technology, machinery, agriculture, and maladies. This article will try to explain how can they grow their economy so...

Ever wondered what will happen if we turn off all electronic devices in the whole world for an hour? That’s what earth hour is all about. It sounds hard enough to turn off electricity of the whole country, but earth hour challenged us even further...

Gender equality is perhaps the most vague issue to describe right now, you probably  don’t know where to start. This article helps you to start, from explaining feminism to feminist symbol. Feminism is a political ideology which basically, demands to define and establish the political,...