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Life Below Water Healthy oceans and seas are very important for human life. They cover 70 percent of our planet and we need them for food, energy and water. However, the humans had managed to do tremendous damage to this precious resource. We must protect them...

Affordable and Clean Energy In 2015, the United Nations created a movement called the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs. There are 17 movements in the SDGs and one of the goals of the Sustainable Development Goals is the use of affordable, clean, and eco-friendly energy. Since...

Climate Action is a movement of the United Nations in the Sustainable development Goals program. This program aims to make the world aware of the dangers and more concerned about climate change. Climate Change since when? Climate Change since when? Since the late 19th century, humans have begun...

What is Poverty? What is Poverty? Poverty is a condition of a person or group of people who have not or cannot fulfill their basic needs in life. Such as getting proper and healthy food every day, access to clean water and adequate sanitation, and getting basic...

What is it clean water and sanitation? Clean Water By definition, clean water and sanitation is a movement from one of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals program to make access to clean water and good sanitation facilities, especially in slum areas and rural areas. About 1 in 3...

What is it, Zero Hunger? 2015 was the first time an idea or movement for the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development was introduced. One of them is, Zero Hunger. Where this idea aims to improve the living standards of the world's citizens by 2030. This...