Stimulate Baby’s Hearing with These 3 Ways

Stimulate Baby’s Hearing with These 3 Ways

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In fact, babies have been able to hear since they were still in the womb. When he was born, his ears were fully formed. Even so, it took him about six months to fully hear and understand different types of sounds.

There are two reasons why this could happen. First, when the baby is born,  the baby’s earswill be filled with fluid, which will disappear over time. Second, the part of the baby’s brain associated with hearing is still developing.

Since babies will use their hearing to get a lot of information from the world around them, you should help stimulate this ability from an early age. Here’s what you can do for your little one!


Reported by Health First , newborns prefer to hear soft and slightly high-pitched voices, especially female voices which are none other than Mums! Because since in the womb he also used to hear the voices of Dads and other family members, then the little one will feel familiar when listening to their voices.

Therefore, bring your little one’s face closer to Mums, then talk to him. Pause for a moment to see the response. Gradually, he would understand that Mums was talking to him. Later, he will respond by looking her in the eye, squirming, and chattering in his language. In fact, not infrequently he will smile or laugh! Invite him to talk about daily activities. For example, tell her what you’re doing, tell her about the color of the clothes she’s wearing, then describe the texture of her socks.

Read the Story

According to BabyCenter , it’s never too soon to read a storybook to a baby. Of course, at first he did not understand what Mums read. But through this activity, he learned to pay attention to the sounds around him. This helps him to develop listening skills.

The more often the story is read, the child’s ability to listen to the intonation of speech will develop. In fact, varying the tone of voice, using an accent, and singing while reading a story will strengthen the bond between Mums and him. Plus, the more you do these activities, the more you learn sounds and words. As a result, he will talk faster !

Introducing Different Types of Sounds

Introducing various types of sounds will make your little one understand what objects are around him. Especially at the age of 6-7 months, he began to realize and look for sources of sound around him. You can call out to him from a distance or clap his hands to make him look for you and move closer. Mums can also replace it by sounding a rattle.

Record various sounds, such as sounds of animals, the sea, vehicles, musical instruments, and so on, and play them nearby. Explain to him what the sound is. Mums can also play a song, then invite him to sing and dance. Also buy your little one musical instruments, soft books, or toys that make sounds, so he can play and stimulate his hearing.

The brain associated with hearing will continue to develop until the child is 12 years old. Therefore, Mums must actively stimulate his hearing from an early age. In addition, keep your little one’s hearing by keeping him away from sound sources that are too noisy and always taking care of his ear health.

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